Carving Wooden Spoons

Frank will teach you how to carve a wooden spoon from a blank wood block provided in the kit. You will have your choice of spoon sizes and styles to make your new spoon one-of-a-kind. 

Students bring: your carving tools and gloves if you have them. But don't let that stop you - Frank will have tools available to share for students who don't have tools.

Kit cost: $5.00 per blank

6 hour class, Tuesday
Instructor: Frank Bera 

Carve a Butter or Serving Knife

This class would be a great class for both beginners and intermediate carvers. Hal will have numerous blanks at $5 each for you to choose from. You can choose to make the butter/spreading knife or choose another kitchen utensil. Make this project in the am session and learn how to Kolrose on the piece in the afternoon class!

Students bring: carving gloves, sharp knives and carving tools if you have them. Hal will have tools to share for beginners who don't have tools.

Kit cost: $5.00 per blank

3 hour class, Wednesday am
Instructor: Hal Bitzer


You asked for a Kolrosing class and Hal will teach it this year! Here's your opportunity to learn the ancient art of kolrosing. Kolrosing is similar to scrimshaw carving in that it uses fine cutting lines that were filled in coal (Kol) to highlight the design. Hal uses fine ground coffee in his kolrosing to create the contract! Bring your knife you made in Hal's morning class, your spoon from Frank's Tuesday class OR pick from some carved items Hal will bring for sale. 

Kit cost: $5.00 per utensil

3 hour class, Wednesday pm
Instructor: Hal Bitzer

Low Relief Carving & Wood Burning

This is a substantial art piece and will take 2 days to complete. Students will carve, wood burn, and paint a 14" X 10" (approximately) basswood plaque featuring either a trout or musky fish. All carving and woodburning tools and supplies will be provided by the teacher.

Kit cost: $30.00 and includes the basswood plaque, pattern, acrylic paints and instructions.

12 hour class, Wednesday and Thursday
Instructor: Les Sanders