Ethnic Art

Scandinavian Gnome

Make a set of adorable gnomes that are too cute for words! These soft sculpture gnomes can decorate your home for Christmas or choose different colors and embellishments for an Easter, Halloween, or other holiday cutie. We will also make a gnome wine bottle stopper to adorn your favorite vintage. No sewing experience necessary. 

Students bring: 2 lb. bag of rice, 2 pr. fluffy socks in coordinating colors/designs, 1 pr. ankle height socks (white or gray), small bag of polyester fiberfill, scissors, pencil, marker, ruler, glue gun, pins, sewing and embroidery needles, and sharp Exacto knife (if you have one). 

Kit cost is $10.00.  

3 hour class, Tuesday am/pm Instructor: Barb Bergquist 

Ukrainian Eggs

The instructor provides special Ukrainian dyes and a kiska for your use as you create colorful designs on a hollow, blown egg. These bright collectibles were used at Easter time, but can add much to your decor year round. Patterns are mostly geometric and have symbolic meanings, but you can get creative with flowers, leaves, or other motifs. If you are speedy, you could make two. The instructor will have kits available for sale. 

Students bring: 10 to 12 paper towels, pencil and paper to take note, and a paint shirt or apron. 

Kit cost is $3.00. 

3 hour class, Thursday am/pm Instructor: Mary Morton