Crafts - Miscellaneous

Hand Drawn Mandala

This year Jamie is doing mandala art on paper rather than on stone with a 7"X7" graphic symbol of the universe. Students complete an intricate pen and ink circular symbol that is framed for a stunning art piece (frame is included) for your home. You will be using Jamie's compass and micron pen.

Students bring: 6" ruler

Kit cost: $5.00

3 hour class, Wednesday pm
Instructor: Jamie Lee

Wheat Weaving

Here is a new project and a new design! Deb has chosen an 8X12 harp wall decor. In old England, a priest blessed the wheat because the belief was it had a spirit that would live in the house. 

From all over the world, wherever grain is grown, people took the best sheaf to weave and hold until the next season, plowing it into the soil to assure a good harvest. Nothing to bring, just come and enjoy.

Kit cost: $7.00 

3 hour class, Tuesday am/pm 
Instructor: Deb Avery 

Pebble Art

Create an earthy wall art piece using very small nature-washed stones, glass and bits of this and that. The resulting scene is framed (frame included in kit) for your wall or on an easel. 

See what great stories can be told with the smallest of objects. All supplies are provided. 

Kit cost:  $5.00 

3 hour class, Thursday am/pm 
Instructor: Jamie Lee 

Mosaic Art

Using pieces of broken dishes, tiles, and other glassware, you will give new life in the form of a mosaic bird. Pieces are assembled and secured to a board for a 7" permanent art piece. 

Students bring: safety glass if you have them. 

Kit cost: $10.00. 

3 hour class, Thursday am/pm 
Instructor: DeeDee Narum 

Dollar Store DIY

Can you believe you can Do-It-Yourself making charming, fun, and beautiful from stuff from the Dollar Store? 

Barb will give you a fun, creative day while you make a farmhouse style lantern, fall pumpkins, Halloween candy jar, Christmas wagon, and message board.

Students bring: 2 skeins heavy weight yarn in color of your coice, measuring tape, scissors, hot glue gun and glue sticks, 1 can cream colored spray paint, E6000 glue, pencil, small tube gel type super glue.

Kit cost: $20.00

6 hour class, Tuesday
Instructor: Barb Bergquist