Create More Stenciled Decor

This year you can stencil on a great 4 foot X 7 1/2 inch porch sign as well as a 4 inch X 9 inch mini sign, choosing from the instructor's 100+ collection of stencils featuring greetings and cute sayings. Both projects are included in the fee.

Students bring: paint apron or shirt and a roll of paper towels.

Kit cost: $30.00

3 hour class, Tuesday am/pm
Instructor: Lily Hadrava

More Stenciled Signs - Wood & Canvas

Choose a clever saying or catchy greeting from the instructor's 100+ stenvils, and put it on an 8 X 10 canvas sign. Then choose a wooden sign for your second one! Sizes vary (12X12, 10X18, 12X18, 6X24, 7X24). No painting experience necessary!

Students bring: paper towels and wear a paint shirt or apron.

Kit cost is $30.00

3 hour class, Thursday am/pm
Instructor: Lily Hadrava