Wood Working

Native Styled Split Cedar Flute

This class is requested again due to the ethnic heritage it enjoys. The construction is developed with two cedar blanks. The instructor will provide power and hand tools to teach known patterns to develop flutes that will play in the key of g or f. If time permits, instructor will supply music and teach basic flute-playing techniques. Class size is limited . . . sign up right away. Instructor furnishes all supplies.

Kit cost is $35.00.

12 hour class, Wednesday and Thursday
Instructor: Les Sanders

Bentwood Boxes

"Tine" is Norwegian for "box." Bentwood tines are made of thin strips of wood. They can also be made from the bark of a birch tree. All are durable with a lid and have been used to store food and other articles. Your bentwood tine will have a lid that features a turning locking mechanism to hold it in place. Make your keepsake this year!

Students bring" sandpaper (sizes 100, 120, 200) sharp wood carving knife, C-clamps and spring clamps. Also rasp, files, electric hand sander, wood chisels and awl if you have them. Instructor has some tools to share.

Kit cost is $30.00.

18 hour class, Tuesday through Thursday
Instructor: Hal Bitzer

Native Styled Split Cedar Flute

Flute detail, carved totems.