Wood Carving

Pins with Personality

Choose an eagle head, a snowman, or a Santa Claus blank and carve a special expression to give it a unique personality. The instructor will have paints for those who want color in their pin. You may have time to carve a second pin. The instructor will have knives, gloves and thumb guards for students to use, so beginners are welcome. 

Students bring: Your own carving tools if you have them. 

Kit cost is $5.00 per pin. 

3 hour class, Wednesday am/pm 
Instructor: Frank Barra 

Wolf Head

You will carve a powerful feather, possibly an eagle feather, then top it with another powerful symbol, the gray wolf. This piece will give you experience in flat carving. Frank had tools for beginners to use, experienced carvers will want to bring their own tools.

Kit cost is $15.00.

6 hour class, Tuesday
Instructor: Frank Barra

Carving Faces

When you carve faces on a cane or feather or other object, you'll want to get different features and expressions. This class will show you how to get unique faces on your projects. Finish one, carve another.

Kit cost is $5.00.

6 hour class, Thursday
Instructor: Frank Barra