Wood Carving

Carve a Cane or Walking Stick

Clean away the bark and clean out the diamonds and see what Mother Nature grew for you. Now sand and seal it to see the beauty of a stick emerge. 

Stick, cane tips, sandpaper and finish is provided. Frank will have some tools, gloves, and thumb guards for students to share.

Students bring: bench knife or sharp carving knife and 1/4" to 1/2" #5 gouge if you have them. They are also available at Ace Hardware. 

Kit cost: $12.00 - $15.00 

6 hour class, Tuesday
Instructor: Frank Bera 

Carve a Gnome

Begin with a square block of wood and start the creative process. You'll carve into the block to discover a wood spirit in the shape of a 6" gnome. You should have some carving experience for this class.

Students bring: carvers will want to bring their own tools, but include an assortment of gouges, 3mm up to 1/2" (small to medium), kevlar glove and thumb guard.

Kit cost: $2.00.

6 hour class, Wednesday
Instructor: Frank Bera

Dream Catcher Feather

Les will bring a pre-made basswood feather, which you will carve and use woodburning techniques and beads to enhance. 

There is a hole in the feather where you will weave a dream catcher of sinew, complete with trailing strings. To finish, embellish with more beadwork. All tools and materials furnished by instructor!

Kit cost: $16.00.

6 hour class, Thursday
Instructor: Les Sanders