Basket Making

Minnesota Basket Tray

Land of 10,000 lakes and trees. The instructor's tray is a great first round reed project or a quick and fun project for an experienced weaver of round reed. Weaving is done on a specially made Minnesota base of 1/4" oak plywood (10" X 13"). The instructor has painted the base with unicorn spit to look like Minnesota lakes and trees. If there is time, the instructor will demonstrate how she painted the base. Blueberries of blue beads and green reed may be added.

Students bring: scissors, container for water, clip clothespins, spray bottle, small awl or flat screwdriver, and an old towel.

Kit cost is $30.00. 

6 hour class, Tuesday
Instructor: Monie Martin 

Cherokee Market Basket

This beginner's project 14" in length is easy to weave. It is 8" high, not counting the D handle. The colored reed makes a Cherokee cross design on the sides, and you will have two to three colors to choose from. 

Students bring: scissors, container for water, old towel, clip clothes pins, tape measure or ruler, pencil and small awl or flat screw driver. 

Kit cost is $30.00. 

6 hour class, Wednesday
Instructor: Monie Martin 

Sea Grass

You will use basic weaving techniques to make this great basket for beginners. The flat braided seagrass gives a nice textured look. Complete the look with stunning leather leaves, optional for purchase. A few color choices will be available. Dimensions are 10"L X 7"W X 4 1/2" H (10" with handle). 

Students bring: small bucket or dishpan for water, old towel, shears or heavy scissors, tape measure, spray bottle, pencil, clip clothes pins, and awl or small flat screwdriver. 

Kit cost is $30.00. 

6 hour class, Thursday 
Instructor: Eve Sumsky 

Dress Up a Basket with Macrame

Remember macrame from the 70's? It's back, but this time with new cord and designs. The instructors have teamed up to teach these knots making a new fancy trim on a wicker basket. Whether you are familiar with macrame or have never knotted before, this class is for you! 

Students bring: scissors, ruler, small flat screwdriver, plastic pocket comb.

Kit cost is $18.00-$25.00

6 hour class, Thursday
Instructors: Bonnie Albright
Paula Swanson